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Google entered the blog raid?

Long time no update, for some reason at night to create a posting, what is not possible because no work huh? Yes've not discussed. Long time no update was a lot of information I do not know, such as news about Google blogs entered raids. Oh great, yes, turned out in the real world do not have a raid, too. This can be very fatal to users bloggers because someday Google will delete our blogs and it also happened to me a few days ago, how could I?

Before that, I want to say please do not take care of this posting, because all of this based on my experience and thought, OK here we go. As I said, Google held a raid blog. This news I got from some blogger friends. In my experience, the impact of these raids is very bad, not half-hearted, deleted emails and blogs! For this we must restore our email verification by entering the code will be sent to any mobile phone and email us we can use again. But if there is a deleted blog, we must first report to Google that blogs are not a spam blog and waiting for a reply from them.

Already one week I send a report that my blog is not a spam blog, but no answers. Luckily, the blog's domain name from GoDaddy, so I can replace with another or hosting their own blogs.

This is very strange, why?
Honestly I would use the blog for a review and there is absolutely no outbound links and no posting reviews. Then why get deleted? While this blog is already mixed with posting a review but can still be used, weird is not it?

Now that's a little thought and my experience of Google's conduct raids blog. True False Do not know what my blog was deleted from the impact of Google's conduct raids blog, my friends may ever know?

Create a theme on Blogger

From the first I actually wanted to use their own hosting, this is because I want to have a blog that can be accessed quickly. But considering these blogs sometimes get job review so I fear I've been arrested for links I submit no. Eventually forced to leave this blog and trying to find a theme that is lightweight and fast. The long-awaited turns out we can now create themes via Blogger. Look at the theme of this blog, this theme is the result of my own creations to make a theme via Blogger.

Because the new department, so I had to mengoprek this theme in order to use this feature read more, other than that I also had to install related posts to previous posts easily found.

Well so my friends do not have to confusion if you want to create a theme to Blogger, because now we can make our own themes via Blogger. For a while this feature can only be accessed through draft.blogger.com.

Pages on Blogger Features

After Google held a raid on the blog of my account without my knowledge turned out to Google Blogger adds features in Pages. This is good news for myself because of this feature should I use Pages, one of which is the page Contact Person. Then why was there while there are Post Pages anymore? Post and Pages does not actually make any difference, the opportunity this time I'll explain a little about Pages on blogger for my friends who do not know. For those who already know, you should not read, hehehe ...

As I said earlier that the Post and Pages does not make any difference, but it actually makes no difference. Well how is this? Nothing but there? Let me explain how to distinguish which one belongs to the Post, and which includes Pages. Not hard, not when I distinguish sesusah same & & | | when the learning algorithm, hehehe ...

Post and Page basically the same content, can post or picture. The difference is associated with Post Post another while the Pages of stand up alone. Nutshell.

Not clear? Well, try to notice the bottom of this post. Friends can see there is a link Home and the Old Post. Now the Old Post this link linking this post with my previous posting. This is what I mean Post Post relates to another.

Furthermore, try clicking the link above contact person and look at the bottom of the page. There is only a link to the Home, there is no link to the previous post. This is what I mean stand-alone Pages.

Well obviously a difference of Posts and Pages? For bloggers we could only make up 10 Pages, Pages please use the feature on Blogger is in accordance with the purposes of my friends.

Create a blog in Blogspot Guide

Perhaps there is among you-you who do not know about blogs and wondering about the blog, then I'll review a little about my own version of the blog.

1. What is a Blog?

Blogs (short for Web log) is a site more personal nature, ie more weight to the depiction of the creator of the blog itself.

Blog created by designers blog providers that work automatically and easy to operate, so for us-we who are still confused with the programming language to create a website not be a problem. If you are able to create an email account on the internet, then in any blog I am sure you can.

2. How to create a blog

Like e-mail, even in a blog we must first have an account, so please register yourself first at the free blog providers (hosting provider / blog domain for free). Free blog provider is very much there on the internet and some of the most popular today is http://www.blogger.com, http://www.wordpress.com and http://blogsome.com.

In the opportunity this time I'll review about how making the http://www.blogger.com blog, Please click the image below to enroll.

create a blog right now

Once you are on the blogger.com site, you'll see a picture like the picture above. Please do the following steps:

1. Click the arrows labeled "CREATE YOUR BLOG"

2. Fill in the email address with your email address (certainly valid)

3. Enter your email address was returned to the form Retype email address

4. Write the password you want to form Enter a password

5. Enter your password again in the form Keyik had reset the password (the password)

6. Fill Display Name with the name you wish to view

7. Write a print on the Keyword Verification form. Tick tick / check in the box at the edge of the paper and I accept the Terms of Service.

8. Click image arrows labeled "CONTINUE"

9. Write the title of the blog you want (will be on fox again) on the form Title Blog

10. Write the name of your site in the form Blog Address (URL)

11. Write text that is displayed on the form verification Verification of the word, when done click the arrow that says "CONTINUE".

12. Choose the images (templates) you want (will be on fox again), then click on the image of arrows labeled "CONTINUE"

13. After leaving the words "Your blog has been in iptakan". Click on the arrow marked "START POST". Please you write at your convenience, when done click the "MEMPUBLISKAN POST".

3. Content (Content) blog:

For the beginners, they usually bewildered after making a list of what to blog content (posted) in a blog. Content (content) from a blog, of course it is up kepadasi blog owners themselves, whether to take the contents of the poem, the journey of life, engineering, or whatever. Well here I suggest, fill your blog with an interest or hobby and your own expertise, because of course in a lot of people out there who would equal his interest and hobby with you, so they will be interested to read your writings.

Luna Maya Video Tersebar Di Blog Lucah

Aku dh lihat video tu, boleh dikatakan mmg betul2 mirip dgn Luna maya & Ariel.. Dr suara pon boleh agak.

FYI, dua2 artis ni Islam. tp Luna Maya amalkan islam liberal. sekarang LM n Ariel tgh bersembunyi. Media indonesia sedang mencari mereka berdua. LM yang biasanya setiap pagi akan mengacarakan rancangan muzik Dahsyat telah tidak muncul bermula sejak pagi semalam. Aku tggal kt Johor so setiap hari dpt tgok rancangan Infotainment TV indonesia. Hampir seminggu berita penyebaran video tersebut mendominasi berita2 utama indonesia. Yang menjadi masalahnya sekarang, kenapa LM & Ariel perlu bersembunyi? kalau benar bukan mereka pelaku video tersebut, kenapa tidak dijelaskan sahaja? Berani kerana benar..adakah diam itu tandanya benar??

* bukan itu sahaja, setelah beredarnya video porno yang mirip Luna maya & Aril, tiba2 muncul pula video porno lain yang didakwa pelakunya Ariel & Pengacara TV Cut Tari. Video yang ini dilihat lagi jelas dan tanpa syakwasangka boleh dilihat pelaku video tersebut adalah 99.9% mirip Ariel & Cut Tari. Didapati video yang ini dilakukan sekitar 2006 ketika Ariel masih sah bergelar suami kepada Sarah Amelia dan Cut Tari pula adalah telah bergelar Isteri Yusof Subrata..

*Ariel juga dikatakan pernah meniduri seramai 32 orang wanita! Adakah Ariel merakamkan juga adegan sex bersama semua wanita tersebut. Mungkinkah akan menyusul video2 sex koleksi perbadi ariel selepas ini..sama2 tunggu…

Ada lagi satu video terbaru..kali ini Ariel dengan artis Cut Tari.. yang aku peliknya cut tari tu bini orang.. adus dh ada laki pon nk main dgn jantan lain. suami dia aku tgok bukan main hensem lagi..ish3..dunia2. luna tu ok la jugak sebab dia bujang lg blum prnah kahwin.. aku dgr diorang dh dibanned kat Tv indo. iklan2 luna maya semua dh di STOP tayangan kt tv..habislah jatuh karier dioarng ni semua.. manusia alpa sekali tuhan nk menguji sekelip mata je.. dah baik2 top buat hal.. lepas tu larikan diri. bukan nk bg penjelasan kalo bukan diorang yg buat. berani buat, berani tanggung lah.. rosak2

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Blog LUcah Sempurna

Selamat melawat blog lucah ini, blog berbau lucah kini semakin sempurna untuk menampung persediaan penggemar blog lucah.

Blog lucah sudah lama di ilhamkan oleh mereka peminat setia blog lucah.

Blog Lucah ini di sempurnakan dengan aksi terlampau lucah nanti oleh pelakun pelakun luga gadis melayu bogel.